Part II….
A while ago, I talked about my introduction to budgeting.  Here’s what happened next.
After moving into my very own apartment, just after graduating high school, I assumed all responsibility of my budget management.  Rephrase?  It became my responsibility to manage my own budget.  But did I?  Ha!  I was free!!  I could finally spend my money in any way I wanted, without anyone telling me how.  Savings?  How about a new pair of shoes instead.  Car Maintenance?  I’d rather go out to eat.  And so it went….until I really did have to start paying my own insurance.  And rent, and food, and to replace the CV Joint on my car.  So guess what I did?  Accepted the generous offer from Capital One to use their money, at only 21% interest!  I remember buying a $70 pair of jeans using that card with the picasso painting on the front.  I felt so grown up and sophisticated!  Until I got the bill.  Full disclosure: I haven’t a clue what my interest rate actually was.  I just know that I took my card to the limit.
Which, lucky me, was only $500.  And then, once all of the late fees and over-limit fees were tacked on, a grand total of $975.   Oh.  My. 
My saving grace here is a $1300 savings account I had been holding on to.  Recognizing quickly that this almost-a-grand debt was nothing to have sitting around, I paid it off then and there.  To this day, I have never used a credit card again.  
Back to the story:  So there I was, plugging along, like a broke college kid – long after I was out of college.   I always had enough to get by, but never enough to feel comfortable.  But D never gave up on me.  Anytime I would recite my money woes to him, he would gently remind me of my teenage budget.  After a few failed attempts to start a new budget, I finally asked him for some help.  He promptly emailed me a copy of he and my mother’s household budget, and encouraged me to call if I needed his help.

So I made another budget.  And I actually lived within it.  And then I paid off my car loan (two years early!).  And now here we are.

Okay, so what’s the moral of the story?  The heartwarming part?

Well, retrospectively, I am so touched by D’s insistence that my budget deserved attention.  And not only my attention, but his attention too.  Instead of watching football, or working in the garage, or any number of things he would probably rather be doing with his time, he devoted to time to my budget.  To building a solid financial foundation for me to stand.  For that time we spent together, I will always be grateful.