When I started with a previous employer, I quickly got into the habit of bringing my lunches.  We were given only 30 minutes for a lunch break, and the building was situated in an area with few nearby restaurants – particularly quick ones.  I would enjoy my lunch in the breakroom, nose buried in a book, and enjoy myself for a half-hour.  At the time, I was low on the totem pole, and few people would feel the need to discuss work-related issues while I ate.
My brown-bagging has continued, and I still bring a daily lunch into work with me.  It is a rare occasion that I eat out.  This, as many other PF bloggers have pointed out, saves a boat-load of money.  But I’ve run into a problem with this.  In my current position, I am a systems administrator.  I deal with servers, security, network, user support, and anything else that plugs in.  There is always something that needs to be fixed.  These days, when I take my lunch into the breakroom and crack open a book, it seems I’m constantly interrupted by a colleague.  I am not anti-social, and I would normally welcome a conversation, but these interruptions are typically work related.  And rarely emergencies.  More likely, the person will see me sitting with my lunch, and they will remember that they’ve been meaning to ask me to fix something.  So they will come over and talk to me about it.
If this were to happen occasionally, I might not mind.  But when it happens several times a week, I become a bit frustrated.  It seems that, if I’m lunching in the breakroom, I am an open target for anyone who comes in to refill their water bottle.  I’ve considered taking my lunch outside, to enjoy in the sunshine.  The problem is, there is no outdoor seating, and I work on a very busy, industrial street.  Diesel truck fumes are not the type of flavor I’m seeking in my lunch.  Also, in a climate that fills with rain 9 months out of the year, where would I eat when the sun won’t come out?
While I think the position I have contributes to the number of interruptions, I am quite sure I am not the only frugal luncher who endures this.  My lunch break is a time when I like to take my mind off the job – it’s a break
How am I handling this?  Not as well as I would like.  For now, I’m following the grin & bear routine.  Occasionally, I’ll walk a mile to the park and have lunch there.  And I’m eating out more often.  For now, I don’t have a very good solution.  I just wanted to vent.